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    Haloo is the mark that ties all of our great products and sub-brands together. So, whether you've got a Ballo Fire Pit, a Revolve Pizza Oven, or a Haloo Own Brand product, you'll know you can get the same quality and service from any other brand in the Haloo family.

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    Revolve is a professional-level gas-burning pizza oven designed to nurture the social experience around food. With variable heat levels and a revolving cooking plate, the Revolve was designed to provide accessible excellence and great pizza anywhere.

  • Ballo Logo

    Ballo is a collection of ultra-modern gas or wood-burning fire pits. Expertly designed and made from high-quality materials, the Ballo delivers roaring flames and cozy heat complimenting any backyard or patio.

  • Sunna Logo

    Sunna is a range of solar-powered flame lanterns that give any space real fire-like ambient lighting. Usable both indoors and outdoors, Sunna lanterns come in several colors and sizes.

Grilling with Firepit
Ballo Firepit
Revolve Rotating Pizza Stone Oven

Made for Memories

At Haloo, we believe in building new traditions and making memories, and it is our ambition to capture and celebrate what it means to spend time with friends and family.

  • Decades of experience

    We are a team of designers and product experts with decades of experience in product sourcing and manufacturing working with factories, logistics companies, and more.

  • Customization options

    We can tailor our products to suit your company or market. We can alter colors, make custom packaging and add or remove accessories based on your needs

  • Flexible volume

    We can accommodate orders of different sizes depending on stock availability ranging from tens of units to several containers.

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