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We are a team of designers and experts in outdoor heating, cooking, decor, and lighting.

Our product lines

  • Firewood Storage on Montana Fire Table

    Clean burning fireplaces

    Get fire without smoke with smokeless firepits. Ballo firepits use microgasification to cleanly burn off any unwanted smoke.

  • Outdoor lighting

    Ambient lighting solutions for outdoor and indoor use featuring rechargeable batteries and solar panels

  • Rondo Elevated Fireplace

    Haloo fireplaces and cooking pits

    Cook with real flame. Haloo Firepits are equipped with a swing-out grate and advanced safety features.

  • Revolve Pizza Oven

    Revolve pizza oven

    Revolve is a rotating stone pizza oven that takes the hassle out of pizza making and lets you cook perfect pizza every time.

  • Portable Patio Heater

    Outdoor heaters

    Enjoy your balcony or patio even in colder weather with the help of Haloo outdoor heaters available as portable or stationary models.

Product Highlight

Clean burning fireplaces

Transform your outdoor gatherings with our smokeless outdoor fireplaces. Crafted for ease and comfort, our fireplaces ensure you can enjoy the crackling flames without the smoke.

Our outdoor range features beautiful, hand-crafted designs such as Ballo fireplaces that are available in both gas and wood-burning options as well as larger fire tables such as the Montana with built-in storage for firewood.

Haloo Products at a Patio

Form. Function. Friends.

  • Decades of Experience

    We are a team of designers and product experts with decades of experience in product sourcing and manufacturing work with factories.

  • Flexible Volume

    We can accommodate orders of different sizes depending on stock availability.

  • Design Expertise

    We put a lot of care and effort into ensuring that the pieces are well-designed with user-friendliness and ease of use in mind.

Haloo products are available at a number of leading retailers

Product Highlight

Revolve Pizza Oven

Revolve Pizza Oven is a portable outdoor pizza oven. It features an innovative rotating pizza stone that cooks perfect pizza every time. The smoothly turning pizza stone gives you full control over optimal cooking results without the need to rotate your pizza manually.

Revolve is the first rotating stone pizza oven to be certified by AVPN, the Italian authority on Pizza.

Product Highlight

Sunna solar lantern

Sunna is a solar-powered lantern available in multiple sizes and colors. The lantern has three lighting modes ranging from flame, candle, and solid light.

Product Highlight

Haloo outdoor fireplaces and cooking pits

With multiple design and color options available, all Haloo Brand firepits and cooking pits have been built with safety and user-friendliness in mind. They are easy to assemble and feature advanced safety features and weatherproof finishes.

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