Ballo Stainless Steel Fireplace on a Patio

Clean Burning Fireplaces

Warmth & Ambiance

Ballo Gas Fireplace

Ballo fireplaces bring affordable luxury to homes. The roaring flames are mesmerizing to watch while enjoying the warmth provided by the fireplace. Ballo Gas Fireplaces have a high-power 50K BTU gas burner with a quick-release gas hose.

Gas-powered Ballo Fireplaces are available in a hand-polished stainless steel variant or multiple steel colors.

Fire without the smoke

Ballo Wood Burning Fireplace

The wood-burning Ballo uses micro gasification to cleanly burn off any unwanted smoke. The wood-burning fireplaces have an extra large 304 stainless steel fire bowl with a removable ash collector.

Steel Ballo is available in multiple unique textured finishes.

  • Ballo Clay Color Fireplace


  • Ballo Corten Steel Fireplace

    Corten Steel

  • Ballo Textured Cement Color Fireplace


  • Ballo Slate Fireplace


Friends around a fire table

Montana Firetable.

A smokeless fire table that lets you and your guests enjoy roaring flames on your patio or backyard. The Firetable has built-in firewood storage, an ash tray for easy cleaning, and a lid with a spark guard.

  • Firewood Storage on Montana Fire Table

    Built-in Firewood Storage

    Keeps your firewood dry

  • Decorative Lava Rock on Montana Fire Table

    Decorative Lavarock

    For even heat distribution

  • Clean Burning Montana Fire Table

    Clean Burning

    Enjoy fire without smoke

  • Ash Collector for Montana Fire Table

    Ash Collector

    For easier cleaning

  • Soft Cover for Montana Fire Table

    Soft Cover

    Keeps your firetable and firewood protected from the elements

Ballo Roaring Flames Fireplace

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